6 Medicine Bottles, Hanging on the Wall

2017 Mixed media sculptures Detail Images: Screw Loose Aluminium Screws & Resin Stating the obvious a little, this refers to the common term “They’ve got a screw loose”. Perhaps this comments on the stigma surrounding mental health. Gold Dust 9ct Gold Leaf & Resin Referring to having a decent medication that finally works, which psychiatristsContinue reading “6 Medicine Bottles, Hanging on the Wall”

But Who Is the Illest?

2017 Digital Image Lately I’ve been wondering why amongst the mental health community there is so much competition to have the most symptoms, the roughest deal in life or who is struggling the worst. It’s so so easy to focus on all things negative, but why is there a need to feel like you haveContinue reading “But Who Is the Illest?”