Heads Spinning Not Winning


It feels weird when you’re on a ward, taking medicine in a new place and for some the first time. It’s sterile, it’s uncomfortable and personally, it’s not pleasant.

Heads Spinning Not Winning

For some reason these cups represent something personal to me and I cannot put my finger on exactly what that something is.

The idea of the cups being disposable and the patient using the cup also feeling disposable perhaps?

Is the ever increasing suicide rate indicating that medication alone is not enough?


Below are images where Fashion Designer Annabel Gaelle and myself  used wool, sellotape and wire to wrap around the body to leave marks.

The idea behind this was to represent self harm / mutilation.

We bound the body which left marks on the skin. As in self harm, although the trauma is over, the evidence of the event remains.


Red Marks


Wire Arms

Dialogues Symposium

Today I attended the Fine Art Dialogues Symposium at Norwich University of the Arts.

Noel Douglas talked about this image, which I found particularly powerful as it is depicting how DWP can treat disabled people. This visual representation resonated with me as it sometimes feels like people with disabilities are left to struggle without much support…

London Gallery Visits


Anthony McCall

Meeting You Halfway (II)


This piece I found he most striking out of all the work on the trip- as I entered the room it was very dark except for the light projection and the room was filled with smoke. The smoke skewed my vision and made it difficult to see or know whether there were other people in the room. As my eyes adjusted to the light it was easier to be able to walk around the room without fear of bumping into something! I enjoyed interacting with the projection by moving in front of the light source and watching the effects of people walking in front of it.


Glenn Brown

Let’s Make Love and Listen to Death From Above


The detail of these paintings is incredible and it is interesting the way the paint has been manipulated in a figurative way.IMG_9800

Jules de Balincourt

Moving Through Mountains


This piece is really striking – it makes me think of people walking inside someones mind


Francesca Woodman




Francesca Woodman


1979 – 80

I have always been interested in Francesca Woodmans pieces as she also struggled with a mental health problem and her works with the human figure in are fascinating. I have never seen a colour print of hers so this exhibition was really engaging.


Sadie Coles



These were just great and huge! Brilliant use of colour.


I am unsure of who the artist is for this work but I really liked the use of apples to cover the human form. It stuck out to me as I recently created my piece ‘An apple a day doesn’t necessarily keep the Doctor Away’

Plants for positive mental health

I have a few coping mechanisms and one of them is keeping cacti and succulents – There is something about looking after plants that is rewarding, perhaps keeping something alive other than myself. Watching a plant grow over time is a comfort and it is enjoyable to nurture something that is alive.

Making Recovery a Reality

Today I ‘shadowed’ for the first time as a peer tutor volunteer for a recovery college course delivered by the Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust.

I have always had anxiety speaking in front of groups and articulating what I am trying to say, but surprisingly I was comfortable talking to a room of people for the first time. Despite feeling nervous, being around a group of people with shared experience of having a mental health problem was not at all intimidating.

‘What is Recovery?’ Was exploring what recovery means, from a staff and service user perspective, and how we can move forward from illness. I learnt just as much as a trainee tutor, as when I had attended the course as a student.

But Who Is the Illest?

Digital Image
Life Struggles.jpg

Lately I’ve been wondering why amongst the mental health community there is so much competition to have the most symptoms, the roughest deal in life or who is struggling the worst.

It’s so so easy to focus on all things negative, but why is there a need to feel like you have to prove how ill you are and make it like some kind of goal to be at rock bottom?

I understand having to prove yourself and your illness to doctors and the government, but amongst peers it should not even cross someones mind to want to be iller or worse off than others, and try to seek some form of approval to have had the toughest time.

It seems to be really common amongst some of the people I have met and loved, which is quite sad.