Heads Spinning Not Winning

It feels weird when you’re on a ward, taking medicine in a new place and for some the first time. It’s sterile, it’s uncomfortable and it’s, personally, not pleasant. For some reason these cups represent something personal to me and I cannot put my finger on exactly what that something is. The idea of theContinue reading “Heads Spinning Not Winning”

Dialogues Symposium

Today I attended the Fine Art Dialogues Symposium at NUA. Noel Douglas talked about this image, which I found particularly powerful as it is depicting how DWP can treat disabled people. This visual representation resonated with me as it sometimes feels like people with disabilities are left to struggle without much support…

But who is the illest?

Lately I’ve been wondering why amongst the mental health community there is so much competition to have the most symptoms, the roughest deal in life or who is struggling the worst. It’s so so easy to focus on all things negative, but why is there a need to feel like you have to prove howContinue reading “But who is the illest?”

6 Medicine Bottles, Hanging on the wall

2017 Screw Loose Aluminium Screws & Resin Stating the obvious a little, this refers to the common term “They’ve got a screw loose”. Perhaps this comments on the stigma surrounding mental health. Gold Dust 9ct Gold Leaf & Resin Referring to having a decent medication that finally works, which psychiatrists are reluctant to prescribe. QuickContinue reading “6 Medicine Bottles, Hanging on the wall”


2017 Plasters / polystyrene This piece is about mental health being treated by quick fixes – it is assumed that a MH problem can be solved by chucking medication at someone or by doing talking therapy, when in fact it is much more difficult and complex. There is no ‘cure’ for many conditions and theyContinue reading “Plastered”

New Year New Start

It’s been roughly a year since I was discharged from an acute ward. I’ve Just started my Masters Degree in Fine Art and I couldn’t enjoy it more. Planning to update this blog more regularly and publish a website like a real life Fine Artist!