6 Medicine Bottles, Hanging on the Wall


Mixed media sculptures

Detail Images:

Screw Loose.jpg

Screw Loose

Aluminium Screws & Resin

Stating the obvious a little, this refers to the common term “They’ve got a screw loose”. Perhaps this comments on the stigma surrounding mental health.

Gold Dust.jpg

Gold Dust

9ct Gold Leaf & Resin

Referring to having a decent medication that finally works, which psychiatrists are reluctant to prescribe.

Quick Fix.jpg

Quick Fix

Plasters & Resin

The mental health system attempting to fix a problem by metaphorically putting a plaster on it and expecting it to heal like a physical wound.


Photograph & Resin

This was taken from a mould of a medicine bottle which I was prescribed around the time I was diagnosed with bipolar, in 2011. Traces from the text from on label have imprinted on the resin.

The full label should read “KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN, Hellesdon Hospital” but the side of the label is wrapped around the corner of the bottle and therefore just reads “KEEP OUT OF Hellesdon Hospital”.

This was significant to me as having been an inpatient, I hope to not return to hospital. The cast of the bottle contains a passport photograph of myself which is obscured by the bottles label, making the  surface of the resin have a frosted appearance. To me this illustrates lack of identity as a service user.



Glitter & Resin

Seeing some posts from young adults on Tumblr that advertise mental health as a beautiful thing have completely shocked me. It’s not beautiful, its not fun and its certainly not something to flaunt. Perhaps I could’ve used red or black glitter here rather than an appealing colour.

White Wash.jpg

White Wash

Priadel / Lithium & Resin

I no longer use this medication hence why I have recycled it into an artwork. Lithium kept me stable for a long time but I felt blank and it was like having emulsion roller onto my emotions. I hope that my current medication will continue to keep me well so I do not have to go back to that state.

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